Ten years ago marked the beginning of the Philadelphia-based comedy improv troupe, Rare Bird Show.  On November 15th, at the 9th annual Philadelphia Improv Festival; Alexis Simpson, Matt Holmes and I had our final show, a reunion and retirement show all wrapped into one.  With two of the three of us now living in Los Angeles and all of us having shifted our energy into a multitude of new projects, we decided to take a final curtain call to celebrate and honor our run together instead of one day realizing it’s been a few years since we’ve done a show.

As a gift to my teammates and to capture a snippet of the tremendous and rapid growth of the comedy improv scene in Philadelphia over these past ten years, my film group Reel 9 Productions, helmed by the ever-talented Erin Davis, is producing a documentary on Rare Bird Show.  (more…)

Reel 9 Productions most recent project.

“The Crack” delivers beautifully crafted images that compel cultural, social, and spiritual reflection all while delivering unexpectedly delightful and shameless moments of physical comedy. This short film explores the pivotal shift in the lives of Helen and Roger, two extremely ordinary citizens, who have taken a day to themselves at the beach. Content to soak in the sun and natural beauty, the ocean delivers an unexpected invitation to a world and life beyond the edge of their known reality.

Like a fault-line splitting under the immense pressure of shifting geological plates, The Crack will shatter your artistic sense of reason and tickle your good, whimsical taste. A rift in time? A portal through space? What hides amongst the froth of the waves striking hard on sea side rocks?

We shot the 8 minute short over two weekends in August, 2013.

In a few hours, I’ll be flying to Philadelphia for the premiere of our documentary, The Way to Kevin, in the Cinedelphia Film Festival.  The show is Wednesday night and Kevin will be coming up from Atlanta to join us for the Q&A to follow.

We’re really excited to take our film back to the city from which it was born and to see family and friends in the area.

If you’d like to join us for the movie and afterparty, check out ticket info here:

Equally exciting is the opportunity to join the Philadelphia Improv Comedy community and do a show Thursday night at the The Vagabond Sessions.  My duo Half-Life, with the illustrious Steve Kleinedler, will be doing a set with a number of the finest improv comedians in Philly, or anywhere for that matter.

If you can’t catch Steve and I in Philadelphia Thursday night, Steve and I will be bringing Half-Life to the iO West Theater in Los Angeles in July.