Trailer for Our New Short “The Crack”

Reel 9 Productions most recent project.

“The Crack” delivers beautifully crafted images that compel cultural, social, and spiritual reflection all while delivering unexpectedly delightful and shameless moments of physical comedy. This short film explores the pivotal shift in the lives of Helen and Roger, two extremely ordinary citizens, who have taken a day to themselves at the beach. Content to soak in the sun and natural beauty, the ocean delivers an unexpected invitation to a world and life beyond the edge of their known reality.

Like a fault-line splitting under the immense pressure of shifting geological plates, The Crack will shatter your artistic sense of reason and tickle your good, whimsical taste. A rift in time? A portal through space? What hides amongst the froth of the waves striking hard on sea side rocks?

We shot the 8 minute short over two weekends in August, 2013.

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