Surrounded by Shirtless Muscle Dudes

I’m in a room with three handsome, long-haired, muscular dudes and they all take their shirts off and one asks if he can take his pants off and then they all started doing push-ups on the floor around me, all three of them, and my only regret is I didn’t ask the guy with the video camera to take a picture.

This is what happens when an audition for a sports magazine brings four guys into a room at a time. I had requested to come later than my call time and they agreed so I ended up in the ‘Swimmers’ group instead of the ‘Martial Arts’ group. The irony was that I actually had more experience as a swimmer than any of these guys auditioning to pose as ‘swimmers.’ Granted, they were all more fit than I. They were either all thick muscles or all skinny muscles. I’m like…IMG_7968

Take away from the audition?

Get pictures. Moments like that have an absurd beauty that must be limited in number for any one life.

Two, practice what you’re good at so you book the job.

I might book the job, but I doubt it. I did some kicks and some punches and stuff and it was fine but not my best.  My audition was decent but with more practice, I would have offered something better. The funny thing is I actually have an excuse. I had some medical issues recently that has kept me inactive for the last two month.  But deep down I know there’s a good chance I would have walked out of that audition wishing I had practiced more even without those issues. Do a great job or walk away with a lesson.

The last week has been a great week though. I had a number of auditions. I either felt great at them or walked away with something learned. I shot a web spot for a start up this week and I learned a lot from having the camera aimed at me for 10 hours straight while I recalled two pages of lines over and over and over. I learned a lot while I delivered my lines perfectly and I learned a lot when I screwed up my lines over and over and over. I also had a blast working with a talented group of people who will make this spot look really sharp. I’m looking forward to the final product. Look for it soon.

I’m sorry, there won’t be any shirtless muscle dudes in it.

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