YesAndWinning“Yes, And I Do” CRUSHED the audience vote at the Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival at iO West!  In fact, the judges couldn’t decided between our film and another film…  The result?  We share the victory spoils for the Under 5 Minute Video Competition! Our film will now be sent out to talent agents and receive other awesome winner perks. Congrats to the cast and crew and a massive thank you to everyone who came out to support us!



Our new short comedy film ‘Yes, And I Do!’ will be premiering at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival on March 10th at 7pm! Come support out film scripted by the enigmatic David Monster at the Del Close Theater at iO West in Hollywood! $5 for a fun event where your vote will help advance us to the finals!! Woot!!

Starring Erin Davis, Nathan Edmondson, & Brittney Nicole Timmons.  Plus a whole host of your favorite improvisers! Yes-And-I-Do-Poster-Small

Four of us enter for the callback. Instead of being surrounded by shirtless swimmers I’m next to three other martial artists. The guy next to me is in a tank top and covered in muscles, the second guy looks set to take anyone to the ground for some jiu-jitsu, and the third guy was moments ago touching the ceiling with his toes while we were waiting in the hallway. (more…)