Zombies! I thought I left this business….

I love Halloween, and I was lucky enough to spend four years as Theatrical Director of one of the finest Haunted Attractions out there, Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary. If you find yourself in Philadelphia, check it out.  Well, I moved to LA and thought my days working as a Zombie were over.

(Hanging back stage with Britt Griffith of Ghost Hunters in 2011….)



Recently, I had a few opportunities to relive my days of scaring the living.

602820_10151812316211208_133306225_nIn September, I spent a few days in San Francisco at VMWorld 2013, a global conference for virtualization and cloud computing, working for PHD Virtual. They specialize in virtual backup and recovery and asked the question of whether or not your data would survive the Zombie Apocalypse….

That same month, Los Angeles had their first Haunted House Convention and I had the pleasure of leading a Scare Actor Workshop for SCARELA.  Teaching people to scare is endlessly rewarding.

I’ll be closing out my Zombie work this Wednesday.  I did some background work for the new ABC show Back in the Game starring James Caan.  There’s a chance you’ll catch me dressed as a Zombie over someone’s shoulder during their Halloween Episode on October 30th at 8:30pm.

Go to parties. Go to Haunts.  Dress up and be safe.

Happy Halloween!


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